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Attending the Wine Bloggers Conference. Your accumulated passes will carry forward after being reviewed by the WSET. Unit 1 — The Global Business of Wine. The Unit 2 covers Viticulture and Winemaking and is the first course offered and exam given. It was my first year attending and it was incredible to be surrounded by so many other wine writing enthusiasts — especially in a wine region located just an hour away from where I grew up. The foundation of the entire wine industry; the biology of growing the grapes and the chemistry of turning them into wine.

Unit 2 DOs DO read the suggested readings. Speaking or writing of Unit 6, one thought I had was how radically different this exam was when compared to the essay part of the Fortified Wines exam. And who better to go with then my Best Galfriend with whom I could have fun in a cardboard box with. What are the major processes for producing sparkling wine and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? You know, important need-to-know shit. There is a tension between aficionados who argue that such products necessarily mean a compromise on quality and realists who acknowledge there is a demand for them. A brief aside before I get started:

If I allow it to, studying wine can dominate my life. This gave me a roadmap to follow when writing wswt my answer and helped me stay on track.

Trip to the Finger Lakes. Unit 6 — Fortified Wdet of the World. Which are the Case-Study examination, the Coursework Assignment and the Unit 2 multiple-choice examination. Stop waiting for special occasions to open up the good stuff! Unlike Unit 2, the Unit 5 exam is not multiple choice. Unit 6 — Fortified Wines of the World. The pressure is building and I just want to let all this information about sparkling wine fly out of my brain like CO2 frantically escaping its glass bottle.


On the day of the exam, we went in and saw the actual question sand given 75 minutes to write our hearts out. Here candidates are asked to write about 3 topics related to sparkling wine. It was my first year attending and it diploja incredible to be surrounded by so many other wine writing enthusiasts — especially in a wine region located just an hour away from where I grew up.

Social media, exams and wine: Reflections on the WSET Diploma Unit 1 Case Study

Students choose the subject that most interests them over the 3 year registration period and then submits their paper in either the November or April due date. My tasting notebooks over the years Have FUN with wine.

The WSET Diploma is designed to give an incredibly solid understanding and knowledge of every major aspect of the wine industry and I have to say, thus far it has met this lofty goal. My wine school is doing one last offering of the Spirits Unit and exam.

wset diploma unit 1 case study

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. We were expected to revise and read up on whatever we could get our hands on. You know, important need-to-know shit. For Unit 6, you were expected to do a data dump: Extensive knowledge of all other units needed here, which is why it is often the final exam. Your email address will not be published. Learning From a Master of Wine. Unkt The Vintner Project. Improve my tasting notes.

WSET Diploma – Outwines

As a going away present, the owner and staff gave me a gorgeous saber and a bottle of Blanquette de Limoux a sign perhaps? I simply love learning about wine and am more disciplined about it if I have some structure.


Class itself was one very intensive, very full day in early August. Describe the 5 major grape varieties of Greece and unitt role in the wine industry, both local and exported.

They then have 30 days to cwse the subject, and come in and take a closed book exam, with specific questions asked relating to the subject. He was much more confident about the tastings than having to write about something he probably had never given much thought to before receiving the exam question.

I finally met her at the Wine Bloggers Conference in October and immediately knew we were members of the same wine tribe — she is equally as passionate and geeky about wine as I am!

Thoughts on: The WSET Diploma

Given how arguably prescriptive WSET is on most things, whether they agree with my reading of the questions remains to be seen. No personal information is collected.

wset diploma unit 1 case study

We also have to write, by November, a word essay. There are even brands of non-alcoholic distilled drinks. I originally had this all worked out before we moved down to SoCal — my father-in-law the infamous T-Bone was going to be my spirits study-buddy and Hubs and Mom-in-Law aka Authorista were going to foot the bar bill.