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We believe that as the number of sellers increased, the increased competition among sellers resulted in sellers increasing their advertising expenditures to promote their products, which in turn resulted in increases in our premium listing, banner advertisement and keyword search fee revenues. To lure customers, these sellers often greatly discount the product price to capture market share. If goods are returned during the return period, we generally refund all of the purchase price. In connection with the purchase of our common shares by Yahoo! The determination of fair value of the award at the date of grant using the Black-Scholes model requires estimates about our expected dividend yield, expected risk free interest rate, expected volatility, expected life and the fair value of our common shares on the date of grant. The overview is followed by a discussion of our accounting policies and estimates that we believe are important to understanding the assumptions and judgments reflected in our reported financial results.

There are Korean, English, and Chinese versions of the site, and products can be shipped all around the world. Traditional brick-and-mortar retail businesses in South Korea are not known for customer service. We appealed such finding with the Korean Intellectual Property Tribunal and are waiting to receive a final ruling, but no assurance can be given that we will ultimately prevail on the merits and if our application for the service mark is rejected we may not have the exclusive right to use our name in Korea. For example, we believe our third quarter results of operations were adversely affected by the unseasonably hot weather that extended well into September and Chuseok, which is a major annual holiday in Korea that lasts for three days. Ours is an extremely effective, efficient and economical extension. Join over 10, challengers who have learned how to read Korean fast using psychology and visual associations! A workaround for this is to first find the item on the Korean site.

Coupang reportedly generates roughly 70 percent of its sales through smartphones.

gmarket case study

Our GSM program is linked to the websites of certain delivery companies, enabling sellers who ship products using such companies to check delivery status in near vmarket time.

Revenues from advertising are derived from the sale of online banners, premium listings and keyword searches to sellers and sale of advertisements to non-sellers. Our capital expenditures are comprised primarily of purchases of computers and servers and other technology related systems. Calculation of the stock-based compensation expense requires the input of highly subjective assumptions, including the expected term of the stock-based awards, stock price volatility, and the pre-vesting bmarket forfeiture rate.


In addition, due to the high volume of transactions that occur on our website on a daily basis, it is impracticable for us to monitor every transaction that takes place. Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter. We are not affiliated with any ecommerce service, platform, or provider. We understand though, since most Korean online shopping sites are only in Korean, it can be quite intimidating.

Have you placed any orders from Korea recently? Because all of our trading formats are processed through one back-end system, we are able to deploy new services to our sellers and buyers quickly shudy with little or no change to our existing technology architecture. This will give gmarekt more search results, and you can still use the English site to order them. gmaeket

This increase was primarily due to a The agreement also requires that users generally indemnify us for various matters, including for claims, damages or liabilities brought by third parties against us in connection with the listing and sales of goods on our website.

We incur costs associated with corporate governance requirements under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act ofor the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, as well as new rules implemented by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA, including, in particular, the need to establish an enhanced system of internal control over financial reporting.

No assurance can be given such interest or traffic to our website will continue or whether we will be able to generate any revenue from our Japanese website or increased traffic to our website from China. Some of the major factors and trends which have affected our results of operations include:.

We are required to provide a list of all the sellers that meet the foregoing three criteria to the NTS. Determination of the fair value of our common shares involves complex and subjective judgments regarding projected financial and results of operations, our unique business risks, the liquidity of our shares and our operating history and prospects at the time of grant.

Please write an item review and get max 2 Gnarket or 0. We Recently started working with CedCommerce and We have really enjoyed working with them.

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We also market our website and services through various advertisements and promotional events. No assurance can be given that any of our innovations and service introductions will be successful. Therefore, for the stock options granted prior to listing, we estimated our expected volatility based on reported market value data for a group of publicly traded companies, which we selected from market indices that we believed would be indicators of its future stock price volatility, after consideration of their size, stage of lifecycle, profitability, growth, risk and return on investment.


As a result, we may not achieve our desired growth in user base and GMV, which would likely have a material adverse effect on our business, prospects, financial condition and results of operations.

Currently, all of our revenues and expenses are denominated in Won. Products are broadly organized into six product groupings and increased to 37 product categories in from 30 product categories in In order to qualify as a designated third party under the Presidential Decree of the E-Commerce Consumer Seller Protection Act and represent ourselves as such third party, we deposited three garket Won with Hana Bank in April to guarantee the payment deposited by purchasers and became a designated third party.

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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Notwithstanding our continued belief that we qualified for such tax benefit and the lack of objections from the NTS regarding our prior tax returns thus far, in the event that the NTS audits us and determines that we were, in gmarkt, not entitled to such tax benefit, we may be required to pay back-taxes in the amount applicable to casd claimed deduction and statutory interest.

gmarket case study

Our effective tax rate in was We have received in the stuudy, and we may receive in the future, communications alleging that certain items listed or sold by sellers on our website infringe upon third-party copyrights, trademarks and gmarkst names, or other intellectual property rights of others. One thing you may notice when ordering from Gmarket is that the search results can vary depending on which version of the site you use.

gmarket case study

If you do not use Gmarket’s payment method and make a direct payment with the seller, Gmarket will not be held responsible for any loss or damages. As we had available loss-carryforwards of Won 3.